Our alarm monitoring team’s got you covered

When you’re as experienced as we are, you know what works. We provide great service to our alarm installer community and are only a phone call away. Because you’ll get to know us pretty well, here are some of the faces behind the headsets.

General Manager

Wade started with Alarm Watch over 15 years ago in 2002, working as an over-night operator until 2005. He took a break to study down in Wellington before returning as our Monitoring Supervisor. He worked his way through different managerial roles until finally settling into the General Manager role in 2008. Wade is very passionate about our technicians and clients, encouraging this impressive work ethic throughout the team, striving for nothing but the best in everyone, and is never more than a phone call away.

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Call Centre Manager

Jade has been with Alarm Watch for over 5 years, and quickly worked her way to Supervisor of our monitoring team and then took over Sarah's role as Call Centre Manager, taking on the responsibility of the entire monitoring station and the team. Jade has thrived impressively in the role, earning a good rapport with clients and technicians alike as she constantly and consistently goes above and beyond in every possible way.

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Technical Manager

Graeme started installing alarms in 1983 for the Post Office (remember them?) before moving to Electroguard in 1990, since then planning and implementing two monitoring stations – along with all the technical requirements of both! Graeme is often referred to as our Guru for his unparalleled technical knowledge and his willingness to help deal with any situation he can, always answering the phone in the same kind, and reliable, manner, be it 3am or 3pm!

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Accounts Manager

Kim has been with Alarm Watch for over 8 years and managing our accounts for over 5. She is kept busy by organizing our local technician team, as well as being the go-to person for everything and anything charges, billing, or invoice related. Kim is also known as the face of Alarm Watch, being one of the few employees not working in the Monitoring Station itself. When not at home she is kept busy with 4 young children.

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Data Manager

If it involves data & information, Connor is our go-to guy. Not only is he our Data Manager - he is also kept busy by being our electronic 'Front-of-House', responding to customer queries via email, being the friendly face behind our live chat option on our website, as well as supporting our other managers and operators. Connor has been with us for over 4 years now and has a real eye for detail and is constantly going out of his way to improve our system and to help our clients.

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Training Manager

Joshia is often the first face new employees see, being our training manager and a critical player in the recruitment and hiring process. When not teaching new employees about the wonderful world of Alarm Watch, Joshia also runs training refresher and procedure update courses for current employees – which is vital in a constantly changing and growing security profession. Joshia is ideal for this role as her customer service skills and overall technical know-how are second only to our Technical Manager, Graeme.

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Special Projects

Nick has been a part of the Alarm Watch family for over 6 years and has found himself in many different roles during this time, including being one of the first Shift Managers, along with Jade. Nick has well ingrained himself as a vital part of Alarm Watch by helping to shape and form the Shift Manager role into a more definitive and reliable position., as well as working on various special projects and fine tuning of multiple operations within the company. Nick is a great go-to for our staff, being a primary liaison for any staff issues or queries that arise.

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Shift Managers
George, Natalia, Moana, Sarah, Jonny, Taylor, Margy & Abe

This fantastic and well experienced team are responsible for the monitoring operators, and there is always one or more working at any given time. They are constantly striving for nothing but the best and this is often represented well in the overall morale of our dedicated monitoring team. If you ever have a question, never hesitate to ask for the Shift Manager – they are always more than willing to help, whatever the situation.
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Senior Operator Leadership Group
A wealth of monitoring experience

The solid backbone of Alarm Watch is our senior operators, over 75 years of experience make up this impressive team. These knowledgeable and efficient operators are relentless in their pursuit for excellence in not only themselves, but for the company and those team members around them, constantly assisting the Shift Manager team to clear objectives and reach goals. These people know their stuff! Sue, Joe, Colin, Nico, Jared, Glenn, Jeremy, Ainsley, Donna, Gina, Jesse
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